Design and Drawing

We can make designs and work drawings according to international standards and in accordance with customer requests.

We can develop concepts or sketches into a construction that is equipped with working drawings and a list of components needed for production

This process is supported by optimal, adequate facilities, the latest computer and software and well-structured SOPs to realize good design in terms of function, time and cost.

Checking Jig

Bezel Front

This picture is an assembling image of the Checking Jig Bezel Front for the interior of the four-wheeled vehicle on the door. Serves to inspect and measure interior products in one complete condition, and can be used for right and left doors at once.

We pay close attention to detail partlist, measurement and assembling reference, measurement reference using CMM and product reference

Die Casting



The above design is 1 die casting unit for two-wheeled vehicle shock breaker products from Showa Indonesia Manufacturing, the design is sent by the customer, DTI carries out finishing, drafting, assembling and fitting. The casting process used is the gravity cast process.

Mold Plastic


assy-mold2 cover-connector-fix-side cover-connector-move-side

This picture is a mold cover connector, the mold is used in plastic injection machines 60-120 tons. The mold is designed with 4 pcs cavity and type of gate using side gate type so that the product can be fully loaded and the results are good.

The material used for this cover connector product is PVC material which has corrosive characteristics. By making the core insert in each cavity mold maintenance is expected to be done easily.

Molding Rubber

Mold Masspro Protector

This picture is an assembling image for mass production of Protection rubber components. The system used is an injection system, designed so that it has an advantage in saving wasted rubber material.

Due to the contour of complex rubber products and large amounts of cavity, it uses an integrated plate insert system.

Special Purpose Machine



The picture is one of the work of special purpose machines designed by DTI based on ideas and concepts from Sinergy Mitra Teckindo as a customer, the product names is Ocean Wave Simulator in order to understand the concepts and characteristics of electricity generation from wave waves and then be able to design a generation system that is in accordance with natural conditions in Indonesia.

This simulator moves with the transmission system produced by the motor, creating waves in the sea water that is filled in the simulator so it produces an electrical energy. The simulator is designed with transparent acrylic material that can withstand impact loads. In addition this simulator has three types of modules including the buoy module, the oscilating module, and the sea snake module.

The interior of the passenger train

Interior Kereta

Interiror Kereta 2

This picture is a model of the interior design of the Flirt train, one of the 3-dimensional models of the train’s interior work. The design part includes: cabin, sidewall, roof, floor, door, window, air duct, panel & control cabinet, chair, table, bag rack, clothes hanger, and so on.

All these parts are detailed in the model so that they are controlled in terms of the installation and operation of their functions and also consider aspects of compliance with the user’s body features.

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