Own Product

QBLAT National Compass is an Innovative product from PT. Design & Technics Indonesia with the trademark Dino Products and has been registered with Indonesian patent rights.

The functions of this National QBLAT Compass are: As a tool to show the direction of the Qibla that is practical as a key chain with 4 colors namely Blue, Green, Red and Black to show the direction of the Qibla prayer, in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

This Compass QBLAT we design for souvenirs: For example thank you Souvenir Wedding, ELECTIONS, Bank souvenirs and others.

QBLAT Compass Corporate Local Version: Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei

Wedding Souvenirs

Bank Souvenirs

Regional Head Election Souvenirs

QBLAT Compass Corporate International Version: is a tool to show the Qibla direction for prayer and can be used for cities in the World (International).

Partner Souvenirs





Deceased Souvenirs

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