Product Design

Our services are in product design to turn customer ideas into models that are functionally, aesthetically, and manufacturing processes.

Modem & Tablet Case

This casing is designed as a place to store tablets and mobile phones that can be connected to the modem. The design is made concise but still pay attention to air circulation as a cooling medium.

Modem Case and Wireless Transmitter

This casing serves to store the modem and wireless transmitter in the room. Designed like a bee, it can be used to decorate a wall-mounted room.

Bus Interior

Special design for buses with happy home themes, with high-end information and communication technology applications. Comfort and pleasure are the main things presented on the trip using this bus.

Roam in cyberspace, communicate, play PS and online games, have fun, or just watch TV while making warm drinks, all the sensations that you can feel in this bus. All applications can be controlled in an I-pad, in the hands of passengers.


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