Based on the technical specifications of the customer we realize the manufacture of protoype or mass products with the support of the latest machines both CNC and manual machines.

Reliable employees, complete infrastructure and efficient processes that we have guarantee the fulfillment of the quality required by the customer.

Check and Measure Fixture for Ford 391 CD Car Interior Doors

Interior Pintu CD 391 Mobil Ford

This jig-fixture is a tool holder component of the Backing Plate inside the front door of a Ford car. Used as a tool for checking products and gauges using CMM in the condition of a single part and complete component. Right and left product parts can be measured in this one Fixture.

The basic measurement reference data are listed directly in this fixture along with methods of using both visual and numeric fixture making it easier for the operator when checking and measuring.

Upper Bracket Mold HKYE

Mold Upper Bracket HKYE

Mold Upper Bracket HKYE Produk

This image is the result of the HKYE Upper Bracket Mold machining process. This mold is made for manufacturing aluminum products for automotive spare parts. The product printing process is by the Gravity Casting process. Have 2 cavity cores.

INDERA MX3 Radar Antenna

Radar Antenna Image INDERA MX3 is the end result of an engineering and manufacturing process that involves a variety of mechanical and electrical expertise. This Radar Antenna is placed on the bridge of the Indonesian military ship.

With a very thorough series of manufacturing processes, especially to minimize the backless effect, we are able to produce antenna movements that are very smooth and controlled so as to support the position sensing accuracy of this superior radar.

The process of making Radom from GRP (Glass Reinforce Plastic) material, is a protective part of the Transmitter and Receiver which is very sensitive to the thickness and density of the mass in its path. With the Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave system made by RCS supported by 2mm thick radom construction with evenly distributed density along 1.8m we made this radar has the capability of reaching 2 km, 4 km, 8 km, 16 km, 32 km and a maximum of 64 km.

Wire Mesh Machine

This Wire Mesh tensioner is a tool for making wire mesh, designed to facilitate the process of tensioning, welding and cutting of wire mesh. Produced with a fairly simple manufacturing process but still able to achieve maximum functional results with quality products that are recognized by users.

Soybean Sieve Machine

This picture shows the inspection process of the Soybean Sieve Machine with a capacity of 2 tons per hour. This machine is used in the port area as a tool for the process of cleaning up soybean commodity that has just come down from the ship to be packed per 50kg.

The process carried out by this machine is; soybean storage at a height of 3m, coarse screening and fine filtering using a vibrating sieve system, weighing and sieving per 50 kg using a weight sensor and a dividing head. The production speed of this machine is 400 sacks/hour.

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