Testimonial Pegawai

Nurul Fathia Nisa

A warm and friendly working atmosphere and work time discipline that were applied became a positive value that I got.

In addition, DTI also provides opportunities for employees to add to their worship activities, such as a routine tadarus that must be held every day before starting work. It’s nice to get the chance to work at DTI.

Back Office Manager

Muhammad Hamzah

I am grateful to be one of the DTI employees because it is not only priority work, our worship as Muslims is carried out.


Ariq Aufamuti

I am very happy to work at DTI and I am comfortable with the atmosphere, integrated with each other and can make it easier for employees.

Apart from work, I have a lot of knowledge and colleagues who can help me when I’m having a hard time.


Agung Arif Setyono

DTI for me is a good work place because it can develop my potential. It’s great to be in a very comfortable environment so that it can make me adapt quickly, hopefully in the future it can become more solid.

Design Engineer

Ade Fajar Rachmat

DTI is the best workplace I have ever met. With the nuances of Islam, and togetherness with colleagues, and friendly bosses create a comfortable atmosphere.

Nice to be able to join the good people here. May blessings always be devoted to DTI and all its employees.

Head of Quality Assurance

Prasethyo Hermana

DTI is more than just a company, in this company we can build a sense of kinship with a religious environment
“DTI Do the Best !!”

Design Engineer

Teguh Prasetyo

I enjoy working at this company because I have a lot of new knowledge. Employees are friendly and willing to share knowledge.

Project Leader Technic

Whandany Nurjoko Prayitno

For me besides working, DTI is a place to explore myself, here I get a lot of knowledge and good colleagues.

Engineering Section Head

Yadi Sobari

In this company we can work and pray & the employees are young with vision ahead.

Project Leader Technic

Sandi Solihin

I am very happy to work in this company because of the very warm family atmosphere between other colleagues, the Islamic work environment, and very solid.

Operating Manager

M. Daffa Fadlurrohman

DTI is very concerned about employees and prioritizes religion, the employees respect each other and are very friendly


Yanto Sugianto

I am very happy to be able to join this company, a comfortable working atmosphere, friendly, solid and religious colleagues.


Tika Meizinta

Such a religious environment, most of the employees are friendly.

Electrical Automation Engineering

Mohammad Shiddiq Prakarsa

I am happy joined with PT. DTI because the environment helps each other. DTI also has many activities carried out outside the office such as tours and family gatherings etc.

Sales Engginer

Gerin Adya Prima

A calm work atmosphere motivates me to always work. Aside from being a work place, for me DTI is my place to continue to improve and do my best. PDLT (Self Support Do the Best)



Religious, kinship, cohesiveness and care for employees are preferred.

Utility Officer

Agung Hidayattulloh

I am enjoy working at DTI because my boss and team are friendly. The employees are solid.

I gained a lot of knowledge to develop myself, support by colleagues, good teamwork, and the Islamic environment.

Supply Chain Coordinator

Muhammad Reynaldi

I am enjoyed working at DTI, I gained a lot of knowledge to develop myself, a solid colleague, a religious environment.

Design Engineer

Muhammad Zahrul Anam

Alhamdulillah, I enjoyed working at DTI because I gained knowledge to develop myself and colleagues who support one another.

Design Engineer

Hestry Destryana

I am so glad that i can join this company, I get a lot of new knowledge in design engineering. Islamic environment, disciplined and good team work make me comfortable working in this company.

Design Engineer

Pedi Argi Prastiyo

A work place that is conducive, friendly and family friendly.

Design Engineer

Denna Cahyaningrat

With an Islamic and family environment, it makes me happy to work in this company.

Design Engineer

Oni Kurniawan

Working at DTI has made me more motivated to develop my talents and abilities at work. This company is very good religion.

Assembling Head

Azhar Mukarom

In DTI, I gained new knowledge and experience, comfort, Islamic activities, and solid employee relations. I am so happy.

Sales Engineer

Novi Sartika

Companies that pay attention to their employees and also fellow colleagues who support each other make the work atmosphere at DTI very comfortable. At DTI, we not only work but also learn many things.

Finance Officer

Bimo Wasito Adi

A sense of kinship among employees and an Islamic environment makes me happy to work in this company.

Head of Business Development

Asep Setiawan

In this company I know a lot of knowledge that I didn’t know before. Office friends are very close and support one another at work

Information Technology Officer

Sri Murniyanti Ningsih

DTI is a company full of inspiration, friends who support each other, and have high employee solidarity.

Tadarus activity is another plus point from DTI, that not all companies will take the time to do this.

Marketing Manager
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